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Formation of companies abroad

Maciej Oniszczuk
I set up companies all over the world 🌍 I protect assets, take care about expansion, optimization and confidentiality. Any destination, any country.

Formation of companies abroad

We are aware that the process of company formation is complicated and challenging to entrepreneurs. Our law firm, owing to the experience gained within these years, while forming several hundred entities in Poland and abroad,is ready to handle comprehensively the formation of every type of company in a manner enabling a quick start of your business activity and implementation of your business strategy.

Foreign companies provide a number of benefits to their owners. The wealthiest entrepreneurs conduct their businesses through these structures.

Such companies enable:

  • Tax optimisation,
  • Acquisition of new clients on foreign markets,
  • Protection of personal assets,
  • Client confidentiality: client’s involvement in a given undertaking remains undisclosed,