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Company in Denmark

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A company in Denmark

Denmark has been leading the world in countries for many years in terms of the quality of life of its inhabitants, and Copenhagen is considered the best city to live in the world. Similarly, the country ranks high in business rankings, where it does not fall from the global podium.

Open a business in Denmark

Why is company registration in Denmark attractive? The reasons should be seen in the lack of bureaucracy and a flexible labor market that allows access to qualified staff, low labor costs and flexible employment rules. Denmark is also a leader when it comes to renewable energy sources and often attracts companies from this sector of the economy. The ApS company in Denmark, due to the lowest CIT in all of Scandinavia, is usually chosen as a vehicle to enter the Danish and then the entire Scandinavian market. A local subsidiary is a way for foreign companies to distrust contractors from entities outside Scandinavia, although for the same reason in Denmark you can struggle with a long bank account registration procedure for entities belonging to people outside Scandinavia.

Company formation in Denmark and choosing legal form

The Danish legal regime provides for a number of types of commercial law companies in the form of which you can do business. The most popular are: ApS and A / S.

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Opening a company in Denmark called Aps

ApS (Anpartsselskaber) can be compared to a Polish limited liability company. Setting up a company in Denmark called ApS involves payment of a minimum share capital of DKK 50,000. ApS is the most popular form of doing business in Denmark. Its establishment requires the preparation and signing by the shareholders of the founding agreement and the statute.

Establishment of a company in Denmark called A / S

We can compare A / S to a Polish joint-stock company. The minimum share capital required to set up A / S is 67,000 euros. Registration of a company in Denmark in the form of A / S requires an additional element in the form of a meeting of shareholders to approve the application to establish a company and to select the management board and the supervisory board. It is also necessary for at least one of the company’s shareholders to be a citizen of the European Union.

Are you interested in establishing a company in Denmark or want to talk about it?
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Taxes in Denmark

Opening a company in Denmark is also associated with obligations. All limited liability companies (APS) and joint-stock companies (A / S) are obliged to settle corporate income tax. This obligation should be performed no later than 6 months after the end of the tax year. With a special application you can extend the filing of the tax settlement by the company. The corporate income tax rate in Denmark is 28%.

The rate of VAT in Denmark is 25%. All business entities registered in Denmark, with an annual turnover of over DKK 50,000, are required to enter into the Danish tax register and register as a VAT payer.

Ready company in Denmark / purchase of a company in Denmark / purchase of a company in Denmark

It is also possible to buy a company in Denmark that is already registered. As a rule, a ready-made company in Denmark exists for a relatively short time, has not conducted any activity before and was created for its subsequent sale. However, due to the legal regime regarding the establishment of companies, the purchase of a company in Denmark may prove unprofitable.