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Company in Russia

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A company in Russia

Russia is the country with the largest area in the world and the sixth largest in world history. The capital of Russia is Moscow, while the official language is Russian. The Russian Federation can boast of its highly developed economy, the country ranks 6th in the world in terms of GDP.

Opening business in Russia

Company formation in Russia is easier if the market of this country is open to entrepreneurs from other countries who are focused on opening a company in Russia.

Establishment of a company in Russia by a foreigner

Registration of a company in Russia by a Polish citizen is not problematic. The Russian government does not impose any restrictions on such entrepreneurs.

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Ready made company in Russia / purchase of a company in Russia / purchase of a company in Russia

Buying a company in Russia that has already been registered is not practiced. Therefore, as a rule, self-registration of a company in Russia is much better.

Opening a company in Russia is a fairly efficient process that closes in 10 days. However, it is worth noting that the larger the city we choose for registration, the longer the waiting time.

The number of partners in a limited company cannot be less than 1 and more than 50. Interestingly, the law does not impose any restrictions on the citizenship of the partners or members of the board.

Are you interested in establishing a company in the Russia or want to talk about it?
Entrust this task to professionals. Contact us.

A company registration in Russia

A company in Russia must be registered with the tax office, it is subject to registration with the tax office, statistical office and three non-budget funds (pension fund, compulsory health insurance fund and social insurance fund).

The organizational structure of the Russian limited liability company is similar to our Polish, we distinguish in it:

  • General Meeting
  • Management
  • Executive Body

Accounting in Russia

One of the difficulties when opening a company in Russia is the fact that all documents must be submitted in Russian, hence the help of qualified lawyers and accountants will be necessary.

Taxes in Russia

When it comes to tax issues. VAT is 18%, while for corporate tax, it ranges from 15.5% to 20% (2% goes to the central government and 13.5% to 18% goes to the regional government).

Management board of a Russian company

One of the key bodies of the company founded in Russia is its management. How the board is elected is determined by the federal limited liability company act and the company’s founding documents. Shareholders may make a choice as to the two-tier organization of the company, i.e. the shareholders ‘meeting and its subordinate executive body in the person of the president, board, director or general director, or a three-tier organization consisting of: shareholders’ meetings, supervisory board and executive body. In Russia, the two-stage organization of the company is popular.

The general body is the general meeting of shareholders, whose primary task is to undertake the most important tasks in the field of the company’s operation. As in Poland, each partner has a number of votes attributed to the meeting, which depends on the number of shares held.

In addition, the competences of the general meeting include, among others: changing the company’s statute or adopting the financial statements.