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Tax advisory services

Tax advisory services

Comprehensive tax advisory services are a natural complement to our competence in the registration, transformation and operation of companies in Poland and abroad. With the help of a team of tax advisors with experience in the largest companies in the industry, we create for our clients structures that allow for legal tax optimization.

Our services include:

  • Creation of foreign tax structures,
  • Representing our clients before tax authorities and administrative courts,
  • Preparing applications for issuance of individual interpretations,
  • Drawing up of motions for the issuance of precautionary opinions,
  • Issuing opinions on tax law.

Tax advice for business

Oniszczuk & Associates law firm provides comprehensive advisory services on domestic and international tax issues. We cooperate with tax advisors who serve to develop solutions aimed at minimizing not only tax burdens, but also the risks associated with them.

Legal and tax advice

Each year dozens of new legal acts related to the economic law are created in the country. These acts also affect tax regulations. The same number of them is created in our neighbors and other countries of the world. A multitude of amendments, as well as language differences mean that important legal issues are often overlooked. Experienced advisors help secure the legal and tax interests of a company.

How to save money? – safe tax optimization

Tax optimization minimizes the tax burden in a legal way, i.e. in a way that makes use of the binding regulations. It is based mainly on forward planning of business activities, which will be more beneficial for the business.

Tax optimization which is safe, i.e. fully approved by tax offices, is e.g. tax control consisting in execution of goals which do not have to be limited only to reduction of tax burden. It is also possible to achieve the opposite goal, i.e. to increase the tax burden in order to, for example, increase the creditworthiness.

Tax optimization can be e.g. :

  • Conducting business in the form of a partnership instead of a capital company,
  • Creating foreign holding companies,
  • Creation of European companies,
  • Restructuring of business activities,
  • Creation, merger of companies,
  • Optimal choice of taxation form favorable for specific activity.

Tax planning

Minimizing the tax burden results in measurable savings, which can be allocated to investments in the company. Tax planning also includes analysis of the entrepreneur’s intentions and making a choice between general taxation and lump-sum taxation.

International tax planning

Tax planning does not have to be limited to domestic borders. International tax planning includes acting on holding companies and foreign capital groups, among others

Tax havens

Tax havens are countries or generally places where tax regulations are extremely lenient and friendly to foreigners and foreign capital. The purpose of tax havens is to attract capital of persons or companies beyond the place of economic activity. These places are considered to be those that deliberately shape their laws differently from other countries. It is estimated that as much as $32 trillion has been transferred in tax havens. Not only very exotic countries such as Barbados, Maldives, Seychelles or Bahamas, but also European countries such as Andorra, Monaco or Liechtenstein are considered tax havens.

Tax consultancy includes:

  • Tax advice for business,
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Tax optimization
  • Tax havens
  • Tax planning
  • International tax planning