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Company in Guernsey

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Company in Guernsey

Guernsey is a British dependence on the English Channel, which means that Great Britain deals with the defense and foreign affairs, while internal affairs deal with local affairs. The island is inhabited mainly by Guernians and British. The capital is Saint Peter Port. Guernsey provides an entity with appropriate services operating on its territory: to the Island which is not subject to corporation tax, inheritance or VAT. Therefore, more and more often investors decide to establish company in Guernsey.

Basic information

Guernsey was on the list of countries and territories applying harmful competitive tax dated May 16, 2005, prepared by the Ministry of Finance. However we will not find Guernsey on the list anymore, because services are available for certain concessions signing in Poland with two contracts in 2013: one on a unique double taxation rate in the operation of maritime vessels or aircraft in collective transport, and the other in on the unique double taxation of categories of different persons. The LPP company has a separate legal personality and full legal capacity, which may have assets, and its undoubted advantage is its operation. The LLP company should be composed of at least two members. It is required that the structure of availability of the holder of the agent resident at Guernsey (Resident Agent).

It should be emphasized that all documents are not publicly available, and thus establishing a company in Guernsey does not work with the mandatory disclosure of the underlying principles governing relations between partners.

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A company in Guernsey

To open company in Guernsey application as to formulating links in order to establish a company in Guernsey and its nature is required, according to the selection of the most advantageous application using:

  • limited liability company,
  • unlimited liability company
  • a limited partnership,
  • a separate portfolio company,
  • holding.

A subsequent transformation of the company is possible. In Guernsey, there is no distinction between private and public companies.


Establishing company in Guernsey

Company formation in Guernsey requires you to choose a company name that cannot be misled or used. The name may also include the name of the founder.

The articles of association specify its status (management regulations and company procedures as well as rights related to participation) and basic information, such as: name, legal form of activity, details of each partner (name, surname and address) together with the total part of the rights held. The articles of association are not publicly available, so they provide privacy services. Company founding documents should include registration along with registration and registration applications that must be signed by a licensed corporate service provider. Registering a company in Guernsey may takes 24 hours, and for an additional fee only 2 hours or 15 minutes from preparing the application, so fewer decisions decide to buy a company in Guernsey, because the process company registration in Guernsey is relatively fast.

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Taxes in Guernsey

At Guernsey, a law was adopted introducing a single income tax system for the entire business sector. Companies currently subject to 0% tax with the exception of general investment services, various regulated enterprises (e.g. Banks), public regulated companies, and Guernsey real estate income companies. In Guernsey, there is no inheritance tax, capital services and tax on services and services. For these reasons, company registration in Guernsey is so attractive.

Are you interested in establishing a company in the Guernsey or want to talk about it?
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Purchase of a company in Guernsey / ready made company in Guernsey

The purchase of a company in Guernsey is offered with facilitation services due to the formalities already required. A ready made company in Guernsey available for immediate start. You can open business in Guernsey it can take less than a week, so buying a company in Guernsey is less popular.